Tsukán, Sanctuary of Life

Published Sunday, december 15 2019
No. #384




As this decade winds down, I know I'm not the only one reflecting on the events of the past year. For many of us, making each day the best can include some travel planning. And Yucatán has long been a perfect vacationing spot. On the cover, you’ll notice that Santa has once again visited our tropical paradise. I'm sure Yucatan's 12 months of summer is a welcome change after a cold year working in the North Pole. This month, you'll read about some of our holiday traditions; on page 4, Ralf talks about the history of Piñatas. And on page 11, you can read about Andrea's childhood memories of the carolling tradition called La Rama. This edition also features some perfect winter getaways. On page 7, the beach towns of San Felipe and Río Lagartos. On page 8, Tizimín, the City of Kings, and the Kexito tradition. Whether your journey this year has been of the body, soul, or mind, at Yucatán Today, we hope 2019 has been good to you, and that 2020 is better still. Happy Holidays, and keep exploring!

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