Tizimín, Feast of Kings

Published Thursday, december 15 2022
No. #420




Changes are afoot for Yucatán Today! Our page layout is evolving, and we’re adding four new pages, which gives us more room to include some of the things we used to keep wishing we could include. Please let us know what you think! Our main calling and mission, however, don’t change a bit: we’re still devoted to showing you some of the treasures that await on your trip throughout the state. In this edition, for example, we take you to Tekit and Tizimín. Both will be dressing up (quite literally) to welcome you with open arms and hearts during their upcoming celebrations. Just like those, in Yucatán there are hundreds—no, thousands of things to see, do, and discover. In this issue we try to present you with plenty of ideas, so you can create a visit that’s perfectly customized to your time and your interests. No matter what you choose or how you do it, we’re sure it’ll be unforgettable.

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