The magic of the authentic

Published Tuesday, november 15 2022
No. #419




In this edition, we take you on a tour of the charming everyday Yucatán, and tell you about some of the things that are so normal to us, we don’t even realize how wonderfully extraordinary they are. The way we dress, our landscapes, the food we eat when we want something “normal,” without bells and whistles. And, please, don’t get me wrong: we love diversity, we love new, and we love finding new ways to see, hear, taste, and perceive the things we already know. Look no further than our next issue (be sure not to miss it next month!). We just think it’s a good idea to go back to basics every once in a while. Regardless of your style, I’m sure in this issue you’ll find that Yucatán offers endless options of things to see, do, and try; you’ll surely find everything you need to get ready to say goodbye to 2022 surrounded by color and joy. So sit back, relax, bust out the hot chocolate and cookies (or an ice-cold drink, depending on the weather at the time) and start planning your next route.

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