The Guilds of Yucatan

Published Thursday, september 15 2016
No. #345




#SeeItInYucatanToday This month our “famous quote” is our very own new hashtag! Look for it on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. We want you to find it, share it, and use it. For those of you who are not so tech savvy, and have seen hashtags everywhere but in fact do not know what they are, essentially a hashtag is a type of label used on social networks which makes it easier to find messages within a specific theme. If you search for a specific hashtag, you will find all the messages that have been tagged with it. Speaking of selfies: our cover story this month is about “gremios;” these are processions of guilds which take place from August to October each year. Our irresistible cover photo is the ultimate blend of yesterday and today; the young girls are dressed in traditional attire for their “gremio” procession; but their cell-phone selfie brings it all into the present, where it equally belongs.

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