The Art of Everyday Life

Published Saturday, april 15 2023
No. #424




This month we’re celebrating the magic of everyday Yucatán, and the wonders that come up where you least expect them. Escaping the heat by sleeping in a hammock, and then “making” (hanging, or folding) it, in an action that happens so quickly it might look like a sleight of hand. Going to the market for the day’s groceries, greeting the “Venteros (booth attendants)” who very warmly offer fruits and vegetables that are miles ahead of those at the supermarket, both in price and quality. Taking a few minutes to hear (and with some patience, see) the dozens of bird species whose songs greet us every day. These are just a few of the habits that make Yucatán a welcoming place that attracts visitors from all over the world, and which we’re happy to show off on our pages. Join us!

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