Underground Treasures

Published Sunday, may 15 2022
No. #413




May and June are, historically, the hottest months in Yucatán, but you shouldn’t let the temperature stop you. In this heat, a quick swim (in the sea, in a cenote, in a pool) is even more refreshing (and welcome!). What are you in the mood for? Cenotes? Yucatán has literally thousands of options; in this edition, we share a few, as well as a different perspective on how to enjoy them. Do you prefer the sea? In addition to our guides to the state’s ports, we prepared a route along several beaches, their attractions, and activities. Can’t decide between fresh- and saltwater? San Felipe, within the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, offers the best of both worlds. No matter which you choose, this edition of Yucatán Today will be super helpful in preparing for the trip. Pack your sunscreen, water bottle, lightweight clothing, and hat, and set out to enjoy our state’s beauty responsibly. We’re happy to come with!

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