Start and end the year in Yucatan

Published Wednesday, december 15 2021
No. #408




Yucatán Today was voted Proud Ambassador of our state in the Tourism Content Creation category during the Tianguis Turístico last month. We are beyond thrilled, and immensely grateful to our readers, for being the reason we print 10,000 copies every month; to our advertisers and friends, who give us their trust month after month; to the team that puts this magazine together, pictured in the dictionary under “professionalism;” and, of course, to everyone who voted for our magazine and website. We wouldn’t still be in business after 34 years without you. Speaking of years, have you made any resolutions? You have 365 days. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Travel more often? Discover new places? You don't have to go far: Yucatán has it all. The Tianguis proved it, not only to our visitors, but to ourselves. You have 52 weekends, including a few long weekends! How far can you go in those 1,248 hours?

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