Roses & Xocolate: 10th Anniversary

Published Friday, november 15 2019
No. #383




Are you ready to try something different or explore a destination that’s new to you? For spectacular swimming, and exploring, on page 7, Violeta suggests: Dzilam de Bravo and Oxwatz. Or if you prefer to stay a little closer to Mérida, take Andrea’s tip, on page 8, and set out for Telchaquillo, where you’ll find there’s a cenote, located right on the town’s main square. If you haven't ever tried sleeping in a hammock, maybe Ralf, on page 5, will inspire you give it a try. Feeling hungry? On page 36, you’ll learn all about Cassie’s discovery of pizzas with "personality." This edition’s cover salutes Rosas & Xocolate on their 10th birthday! It is known for its commitment to superior hospitality, fine food, and gracious atmosphere. But their team also advocates curiosity; their introduction of new trends keeps their concept fresh. I hope this month's edition of Yucatán Today will please you; and that our ideas, will inspire adventure. And who knows where that first step might lead?

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