Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel + Spa

Published Wednesday, november 15 2017
No. #359




You know you’re in Yucatán when… If there is a theme running through this edition, it’s simply how very Yucatecan everything is. If you’ve eaten in any restaurant that serves Yucatecan food, you’ve seen the array of sauces that accompany the meal. Of course there are many kinds of “salsas” all over México, but ours are particularly flavorful… When in doubt, ask! “Picante?” Read more on page 4. The Virgin of Guadalupe is México’s patron saint, and there are pilgrimages all over the country to honor her on her day, December 12. Yucatecans are no exception, and they have their own take on this important religious tradition. Read about this special celebration on page 5. One of the highlights of this month’s edition is the story of Doña Bacila, the midwife in a small village near Oxkutzcab. It’s on page 9. And this edition is full of other Yucatecan themes, so read the magazine. It’s time to go explore our beautiful state! It’s very Yucatecan!

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