Refreshingly blue

Published Wednesday, may 15 2024
No. #437




The latest issue of Yucatán Today is out! 

It may be hot out, but we have everything you need to keep you cool! 

- Cenotes, cenotes, and more cenotes: we put together 8 routes so you can visit as many as you want in one day. 

- Refreshing drinks: with alcohol or without, hydration is essential to beat the heat.

- A legend from the deep: meet the mythical creature tasked with guarding the region’s cenotes.

Plus, Yucatán’s native bees, Maya blue, our ongoing embroidery series, and everything you need to plan the perfect Yucatán outing.


*Yucatán Today No. 437*

Mayo 15 - Junio 14, 2024


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