Party in Yucatán

Published Monday, january 15 2024
No. #433




Welcome to the 36th-anniversary edition of Yucatán Today magazine, the traveler’s companion covering everything you need to explore this wonderful part of México. We’re very happily celebrating not only 36 years of adventures (and being part of them), but also beginning a new cycle of exploring, discovering, and sharing with everyone who reads the print and digital magazine each month, and those who follow us on our website and social media every day. The great thing about our job is that it’s very easy to fall and stay in love with Yucatán, and I believe that’s our motivation. Yucatán Today is a work of love by a very small, but very dedicated team, whose goal is to let you in on how beautiful every corner of our state is. And since this year our anniversary is in the same period as Carnaval, this edition is a celebration through and through. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to find out about some anniversary surprises we have coming up!

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