Mérida, Capital Americana de la Cultura

Published Wednesday, february 15 2017
No. #349




“We take you by the hand to experience the essence of Yucatán.”Yucatán Today It’s fiesta time at Yucatán Today! January 15th is our 29th birthday! Meet the team behind the scenes on page 5. It’s a new year and we have lots of great things in store for 2017. We are proud of our city, Mérida, which has been named for the second time as “Capital Americana de la Cultura.” Have you noticed that Yucatecan Spanish is different from other parts of México? On page 4 you can learn why...Fans of Yucatecan cuisine will want to read all about the cooking classes at Hacienda Petac. Did you know that “chicle” originated right here in Yucatán? Read about it on page 9. And check out our Events Calendar on page 11…you will want to put the Telchac Jazz Festival on your calendar! Happy travels! And thanks for being with us these past 29 years. We will continue to accompany you in the years to come, as you travel throughout our beautiful state!

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