Published Wednesday, march 15 2017
No. #351




"Spring is the time for plans and projects." This month's magazine will help you make your plans. Whether you live in hot or cold climates, spring is synonymous with going for a walk. In Mérida, we have a custom of sitting down on the sidewalk outside our house to "get some fresh air. If you like to walk, you will be fascinated by the history of the Mayab walkers. There will be a hammock festival this month in the town of Tecoh. For the Yucatecans, spring means Holy Week, which means holidays as well as religious rituals. And for the Mayans, the first day of spring, the equinox, has great importance. The art scene in Mérida is more alive than ever and Soho Galleries is one one of our favourites. And for those looking for a fun outing, you should take a self-guided tour of the most iconic cantinas. Another option to satisfy your appetite is to go to one of the vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the city.

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