Mayaland, 100 years of adventure

Published Saturday, january 15 2022
No. #409




The magazine you’re about to read is the first issue of Yucatán Today’s 34th year. That’s 34 years of a magazine that’s always looking to perfect itself, always looking for its latest issue to be the best of its 34-year run. We’re celebrating our 34th anniversary with a resolution to continue being the perfect companion throughout your adventures in the state. Celebrations include new sections, including looks at the south of the state, more comprehensive hacienda, cenote and cave listings, and everything you need to truly experience some of the endless adventures that are possible here. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve already done, I can guarantee there’s still more to discover. Where would you like to finally go? What’s a place you want to go back to? It doesn’t matter, we’re happy to join you!

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