Lovely Tours

Published Tuesday, february 15 2022
No. #410




Now that the holiday marathon is officially over, the hearts and minds of Yucatecos are being filled with dreams of beaches, cenotes, and outdoor adventures. While the rest of the northern hemisphere suffers the dead of winter, at Yucatán we make the most of this short time we consider our spring: the least rainy days of the year, warm but not hot, and cool, but not cold. What do you want out of this season? Perhaps you’d like to visit a nature reserve and catch a glimpse of the many migratory birds making their way through our region. Maybe you’d prefer to visit an area of the city you hadn’t before, or not for some time. Or how about a getaway around some of Yucatán’s magical villages? No matter what your style is, or what your heart is currently desiring, we at Yucatán Today are happy to go with you and guide you on your way. Tell us, what’s on your mind for this month?

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