Los Secretos de Sisal

Published Thursday, march 15 2018
No. #363




In this edition we help to show you around some of the best places to go; for example, Sisal: a relatively unspoiled coastal town with great big beaches and even greater charm, worthy of a cover photo! On page 5 Amanda tells you the best way to enjoy gazing at the moon and the stars in Yucatán. If you are out exploring Yucatán the last week of March or the first week of April, you might find yourself side by side with lots of people; that's because it's "Semana Santa," the week before and after Easter when schools all over México are closed and the locals play tourist. Other featured destinations this month are Calakmul, with an impressive eco-tourism project (page 8); and Yaxhachén, a small town where you can immerse yourself in the subsistence farming of the "milpa" (page 53). And we haven't forgotten about your palate: on page 9 Violeta shares the magic of Maya female chefs, and we meet a woman who is their champion; and on page 35 get ready to bite into the Catch of the Day.

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