Los 7 Cenotes

Published Friday, december 15 2017
No. #348




“The Christmas gifts are under the palm tree this year!” If you are reading this article in our print magazine, chances are you are here in Yucatán. So, no chimneys and no snow for you this Christmas! On page 4 you can read about the burning of the old year. You can learn about the Three Kings’ Fair in Tizimín, on page 5. On page 8 we have an article about the traditions of Christmas in Mérida. If weather and calendars are your thing, read about the “Cabañuelas” on page 9. On page 35 you can get some ideas about where to go for New Year’s Eve dinner and we have even more suggestions on our website. And, for those who like to go off the beaten path, read about the Christ Child celebrations in the town of Espita on page 53. Happy travels to you, and may your tropical Christmas bring you the enduring gift of many new memories!

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