Life by the Sea

Published Thursday, june 15 2023
No. #426




The June 2023 issue of Yucatán Today takes you on a tour of the Yucatecan coast. Go fishing in Dzilam and marvel at its cenote in the middle of the sea; discover the peace of the mangrove channels in San Crisanto; enjoy a Merenguito (or a tamarind candy, or a roasted pumpkin seed treat, or a marshmallow) at the beach; live a prehistoric experience with your family. Are you staying in Mérida? That's alright; enjoy good baseball at the Leones' den; savor outstanding seafood dishes; or choose one of the many events that take place here every day. Yucatán awaits you to do it all, see it all, and taste it all; we are more than happy to guide you in discovering it.

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