LAGALÁ 56:426

Published Sunday, january 15 2023
No. #373




It's our 31st birthday on January 15th! Our story began in 1988 when husband and wife team Juan Manuel Mier y Terán and Judy Abbott decided to combine their love of Yucatán with their skills in photography, graphic design, and writing, and create a monthly magazine that would help visitors discover all this state has to offer. We continue to be the traveler’s companion, helping you to experience the essence of Yucatán. But we are ever mindful of industry trends, readers' preferences, and exploding growth in our region, with more and more things to do, places to go, and gastronomy to savor! Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the new developments in the world of Yucatán tourism. With your input, which is so important to us, we try to be prepared - and prepare you - for the road ahead. Thanks for keeping us company along the way!

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