Janal Pixan

Published Saturday, october 15 2022
No. #418




Once again it’s time for “Finados,” or Janal Pixan. As you’ll discover once you dive into this edition, the Día de Muertos celebrations in Yucatán are very different from those elsewhere in the country; more than a festival, it’s a remembrance; a commemoration. It is, in a way, an introspection, sometimes personal, sometimes as a family: a chance to remember and feel close to those who are no longer physically here. I would really like to make sure that you, the reason we put this magazine together every month, get to feel the deep love that is going into this issue. Love for our state, love for our people, love for those who are visiting us (no matter how far), and love for those with whom we share a departed loved one. Regardless of what you believe, we hope that, once you find out more about what these dates mean to different people, you’ll be encouraged to hold a remembrance of your own for those you hold dear.

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