Hanal Pixán

Published Friday, october 15 2021
No. #406




Although Hanal Pixán takes place at the same time as the Day of the Dead in central México, the celebrations are very different. They’re both about the arrival of the souls of the deceased, granted permission to visit the earthly plane to be with their loved ones, but Hanal Pixán happens at home; it means spending a couple of days in the company of the family that no longer walks on Earth, but who will share the table with us. The colorful celebration of children takes place on October 31. On the tablecloths, embroidered in vibrant hues, you’ll see toys, colored candles, candy, pictures, flowers and food according to their age. November 1 is dedicated to adults, and called U Hanal Nucuch Uinicoob. The altars are similar, but with white tablecloths and candles, you’ll find things the deceased enjoyed in life, such as cigarettes, rum (or other liquor) and objects related to their hobbies. Finally, on November 2, U Hanal Pixanoob, we usually visit the cemetery and attend a mass for for all souls.

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