Hacienda Teya

Published Thursday, november 15 2018
No. #371




Come with us on a cultural journey to the past! The cover of this edition is dedicated to Hacienda Teya, founded in 1683, now world famous for its gastronomy. We take you to "El Fifí"...an iconic downtown business dating back almost a century. This is where Meridanos have always brought their cacao, spices, and grains for grinding...and where you can also purchase products that the store has prepared for you to take home. The aromas are unforgettable and are an indelible link to our past. You may not know that Mérida has some delightfully hidden used book shops! Like every major city, used books are in demand by those who love to read but are on a tight budget...or better yet, who know they will find book gems that are long out of print. You'll meet Don Tiburcio (RIP), a healer and "shaman" from the town of Catmis. Born with the gift of healing, Don Ti took his calling very seriously, and never used it in an irresponsible way. His first book was published when he was 101 years old.

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