Hacienda Santa Cruz

Published Tuesday, august 15 2017
No. #356




Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude! Miley Cyrus Thanks to Miley Cyrus for her original take on color and more about pink in a moment! When I think of the colors of our state, I visualize the blue of our skies, the greenery of henequén, and the scarlet of bougainvillea-covered walls. But this month I invite you to consider a more varied palette! As you can see by our cover, the interior walls of this salon at hacienda Santa Cruz are a very soft and inviting yellow. You can read about on page 1. On page 4 we tell you all about our tradition of fine gold and silver filigree jewelry. Pink is the star color on page 8 in our article about Las Coloradas. On page 9, we change our focus to a more mystical one: the importance of the moon to the Maya. And now on to ice cream. Who can resist! On page 14 we present you the story of Domo Gelato, and on page 35 we have compiled a list of several ice cream parlors you can visit in Mérida. Enjoy the colors of Yucatán, wherever you go!

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