Flight to Yucatan Tomorrow

Published Monday, june 15 2020
No. #390




Yucatán has been hit particularly hard in 2020. First by Covid-19 and then, just when things were starting to look somewhat positive - the double whammy that was Amanda and Cristóbal. However, we continue to see acts of kindness and solidarity as people rally to gather donations for those who lost everything in the recent floods. As we “go to print,” government officials have started opening up our beloved state once again with a first wave of businesses resuming limited operations. So, this month we wanted to look forward and you’ll see this reflected in a unifying theme: what the future holds. And while she may not have the answers to what the future holds for tourism, she does have a pretty good idea of where we should start looking. We know 2020 has been a rough ride, but we’re so happy you’ve stuck out this rollercoaster with us. Here’s to happier (and just a little bit drier) days.

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