Flamingo Families

Published Friday, june 15 2018
No. #366




The photo on our cover of the adult flamingo tending the egg in the nest is something very few people will ever have the privilege to see. The Gulf coast of Yucatán is one of the Caribbean Flamingo's few habitats, and a big draw for tourism in Celestún and Río Lagartos. However, the very tourism that drives our economy is the one thing that can do them harm. Tour boat guides are strictly trained not to get too close, as their feeding cycle will be interrupted if they fly away in fear. The nesting grounds shown in our cover photo are not accessible to the public; photographer Iván Gabaldón had a special permit only granted to scientists and specific wildlife observation project participants. We are very privileged to be in the presence of these birds all year round in Yucatán, a region which is also the habitat of strictly protected turtles and jaguars. I'm happy we could share this glimpse of the flamingo families with you; and let's continue to respect all wildlife, wherever we go.

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