Ánimas's Festival

Published Monday, october 15 2018
No. #370




Our cover story is all about Mérida’s Festival de las Ánimas (festival of the souls), culminating with the Paseo de las Ánimas (passage of the souls) on October 31. Our Editorial Assistant wrote a beautiful article about the statues guarding the graves of Mérida’s General Cemetery on page 7. On page 8, Ralf Hollmann tells us about the unique cemetery in Hoctún. Many visitors have said that it is the prettiest cemetery in Yucatán. Did you know there is a mummy museum in Santa Elena, on the Puuc Route? Our senior writer Violeta H. Cantarell went to see it and shares her impressions with us on page 53. Other topics of interest in this edition are the talented group of women and men who produce embroidery and honey in Texan de Palomeque, on page 4. On page 5 we introduce you to some lovely streets with architecture worth strolling by. Our family adventure invites you to feel at home right in Mérida. On page 9 you’ll meet Hermano Maya, a shaman in Izamal, and on page 14 meet local business Cryptorama Escape Rooms.

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