Escape to a Hacienda

Published Monday, may 15 2023
No. #425




This edition is devoted to our state’s cenotes and haciendas: a wonderful combination of nature and history that encourages us to escape the daily bustle and take a break from the heat. You see, the month of May usually brings about the hottest days of the year, but here’s a secret: when you’re in a hacienda, surrounded by trees, or in a cenote (floating in very cool water), you might not even notice the days are hotter than usual. But that’s not all: we’re also telling you all about a delicious vegetable every Yucateco looks forward to a good portion of the year, the dishes that we traditionally have each day of the week, and much more. Our intention, as it is every month, is to bring you a magazine that is both useful and interesting, and above all, that will encourage you to get out there and see, try, and experience everything for yourself. Get the sunblock ready, and let’s go!

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