De Paseo por Mérida

Published Sunday, april 15 2018
No. #364




As the world seems to become a smaller place with the ease of travel and migration, Yucatán is no different. I am inspired this month by Alberto and José Salum, proprietors of the iconic Patio 57 Restaurant in Mérida Centro. Hear the stories about life in Yucatán. At Yucatán Today we are lucky to have multiple cultures as well: founders, Judy, is from New Jersey, and husband Juan Manuel's roots are in Yucatán and Colombia, providing a multi-cultural childhood for their daughter Andrea, our director. Her husband is French, so their children are learning three languages at once. Contributing writer Amanda is from Mississippi; learn more about her own story on page 5. On page 6, the story of Yucatecan Zazil, a wise young woman with a following of people worldwide; on page 35 learn about the new trend, the gastropub. All of this brings me back to our readers: visitors from everywhere and Yucatecans who embrace them all. Thank you all for bringing your own cultural identities to Yucatan.

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