Day of the Dead in Yucatán

Published Sunday, october 15 2023
No. #430




The season to honor our departed loved ones is always charged, since we never truly stop missing, remembering, and wishing we could share certain things with them. Mexican traditions, especially Janal Pixan in Yucatán, are a way to keep them close; to receive their visit, exchange stories and memories with those who knew them too, and share a bit of their essence to those who didn't. In this edition of Yucatán Today, we’ll tell you about Janal Pixan and some of the ways it is carried out. Although no practice is a monolith, Yucatán traditions are well documented and have evolved over centuries with several minor differences among them, but major ones from other parts of México. While the bulk of the activities that take place are personal and family-driven, there are many activities that are celebrations and representations in which everyone can participate. Read all about them here and open your own home to the souls of those no longer with you, wherever you may be.

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