Ánimas's Festival

Published Sunday, october 15 2023
No. #358




“The souls of the dearly departed have a date with their loved ones who are still alive.” - Hanal Pixán Our October edition is usually the month with the strongest theme that runs throughout the magazine, and this year is no exception. Hanal Pixán is the very Yucatecan version of México’s beloved Day of the Dead. Our cover photo and page 1 cover story is all about Festival de las Ánimas, which takes place from October 23 to 30. And on page 4 you’ll get all the background on Hanal Pixán! If you are fascinated by our traditions and decide you want to make your own altar, on page 6 we tell you where to buy the essentials. on page 8 we introduce you to five of the many caves in our state. There was a complex hierarchy of gods known as the Lords of Xibalbá. Read all about it on page 9. If the idea of a ghost town appeals to your sense of adventure, you must go to the town of Misnebalam, page 53. Yucatán Today is happy to accompany you on your mystery tour of our beautiful state!

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