Ánimas's Festival

Published Saturday, october 15 2016
No. #346




“¡Ya huele a pib!” – hablado por los yucatecos “Now it smells like pib!” – spoken by Yucatecans Our quotation this month is the phrase you will hear on the streets and in the homes of Yucatecans around the end of October. It refers to the delicious aroma of the traditional food served around the time of the Day of the Dead. Read about it on page 4, and be sure to try some. It’s delicious! There are several places in this edition where you can read about traditions connected with Hanal Pixán: our cover story is all about the Festival de las Ánimas (the passage of the souls). On page 9 you can learn all about the “aluxes,” mischievous elves or spirits known to Yucatecans all over the state. On page 53 read about the colonial town of Hoctún, with special emphasis on the residents’ gravesite visits and decorations of their loved ones’ graves. Enjoy this edition; be sure to keep it handy as a reference as you travel around the state. And let your sense of smell guide you!

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