A Sweet and Salty Paradise

Published Wednesday, august 15 2018
No. #368




Our cover story brings the beach vendor to life, a staple on Yucatecan shores for generations. Although his chant focuses on the word "merengues," he sells many treats to tempt you while you are spending a lazy day at the beach. On page 4 we showcase a few architectural icons of the past: the three remaining arches in our city. This month we have devoted a double page spread to the timeline which connects the ancient Maya through colonization, right up to the 21st Century. There is a new museum devoted to the history of music in México, and you'll get a glimpse into this fascinating new space on page 8. age of music. On page 14, we give you an inside look at Rosas & Xocolate, the iconic pink hotel on Paseo de Montejo. And that's not all! A super kid day, a look at what makes Mayapán so important to the history of the Maya, what to order at Mérida's mercados, and a visit to the town of Hunucmá: it's all inside this edition of Yucatán Today. So, turn the pages of time, and begin!

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