A Longer Stay in Yucatan

Published Thursday, april 15 2021
No. #400




In Yucatán, a fundamental value is placed on family. Oftentimes, households are made up of members from several generations, and as children, we are taught to love and take care of our elders. Over the next month two superstar family members have days dedicated to them: Children’s Day and Mother’s Day. And we have a few editorials to help with the festivities. On page 17, read about Ki’Xocolatl. On page 13, Cassie writes about three different afternoon outings. On page 5, Ralf takes you for a walk around the block and Violeta’s description of land-cruising the coast is on page 7. To learn about the importance of the Maya calendar, take a look at page 9. And if you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, on page 11, Olivia tells you about the amazing work of AFAD. On page 35, Greta shares her list of fun and fabulous places to go for a drink. We hope you’ll enjoy the adventures we’ve selected for you this month, and that you’ll share them with those closest to you.

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