35th Anniversary

Published Sunday, january 15 2023
No. #421




It is for me a true honor and a privilege to be the one to thank you for being here with all of us on this, Yucatán Today’s 35th anniversary. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much! This month you’ll find a mini-tour supplement—find it on the last few pages of the magazine); a list of some of our favorite activities for the whole family; several up-and-coming local liqueurs that are changing the face of our local foodie and mixology scene; and a look at a tragic love story that began almost exactly 100 years ago. Plus, 2023 seems to be kicking off with an amazing number of events and activities. In short, this edition is really bursting with options, ideas, and information so you can make the most of every second while you’re here. I don’t think there’s any better way to celebrate 35 years of companionship on your travels across Yucatán: beginning year 36 inspiring you to plan your next outing. We’re ready if you are!

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