Dialogues with the Conqueror

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Casa Montejo, Mérida Plaza de la Independencia Calle 60, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc. México

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Free event

The encounter between two worlds: “Dialogues of the Conqueror” (video mapping, theater and dance), with video images superimposed on the façade of the Casa de Montejo, two aspects of the allegory of the family of Francisco de Montejo, the fusion of two cultures, starting with the conquest of Yucatán by Francisco Montejo 'El Adelantado', the characters on the façade spit on the stone are described with the support of a narrative, there is also a dialogue between the conqueror and the conquered (with a live performance), and finally a regional dance. The performance lasts 45 minutes and is free.

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