Celebrations for the Trovador Day 2024

Date and time

Free event

Join us in celebrating the 47th Anniversary of the Yucatecan Trovador Day from March 21st onwards: concerts, street performances, presentations, tributes, and medal ceremonies, all week long.

Program obtained from the Secretary of Culture and Arts.

March 20th

  • Trovador Wednesday: Unveiling of the oil painting of singer and trovador María San Felipe at the Yucatecan Song Museum at 8:00 pm, with a recovery fee of $50 pesos.

March 21st

  • Tribute for the Yucatecan Trovador Day: Floral offering and transfer of ashes of composer Angélica Balado at the Monument to the Creators of Yucatecan Song at the General Cemetery, at 10:00 am, free admission.
  • Trovador Day Street Performance: Route starting from Plaza Grande to Santa Lucía Park, at 8:00 pm, free admission.
  • Presentation of the Chan Cil Medal conferred by the Mérida City Council, at Santa Lucía Park, at 9:00 pm, free entry.

March 22nd

  • Trovador Friday at the Palacio de la Música (Patio de Cuerdas), at 7:00 pm, free entry.

March 27th

  • Presentation of the Pastor Cervera Medal. The medal is conferred by the Secretary of Culture and Arts in coordination with the Ricardo Palmerín Artistic Society. At the Yucatecan Song Museum, at 8:00 pm, free entry.

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Secretaría de la Cultura y las Artes