Musical Memories

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Parque de Santiago Calle 72 x 59, Barrio de Santiago, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc. México

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Life is a dance... and with a variety of rhythms to enjoy, from cumbia to shake to your heart's content, to bolero to move smoothly. That is the attitude that you can see in the attendees who come to the Santiago park every Tuesday for a musical evening full of life... and memories. From 8 pm, this neighborhood with great tradition, located a few blocks from the Center, begins to receive visitors, and the almost 200 chairs arranged around an area of the esplanade that functions as a dance floor begin to be occupied. Elderly couples arrive, grandmothers accompanied by their granddaughters, entire families, dance groups, foreigners, among many others, all attracted by this musical event that brightens the heart. Nor can we miss several older adults in wheelchairs who also settle in to appreciate the show while listening to old melodies. At 8:30 pm, the conductor welcomes the City Hall Orchestra made up of more than 15 musicians and begins this meeting that delights the attendees for an hour and a half. The timpani sound and the couples approach the dance floor... you can just as easily see high-heeled shoes dancing in almost perfect synchronicity as you can see a handkerchief and a comb on the chairs while their occupants dance happily. To the rhythm of danzón, cha cha cha, boleros and sones, the Orchestra delights those present with pleasure. Whether with “Champotón”, “Total”, “Polices and Thieves”, there are no excuses here, any melody invites you to dance. Joy is contagious and it is inevitable to start moving your head and feet. Some songs are performed by guest artists such as Tony Camargo. Contemplating these scenes of healthy family coexistence, dance and music, are like taking a walk through the past. Some couples have been dancing together for years in dance groups, others take advantage of going to listen to the songs they fell in love with, and some others come to see smiles and spend a more than pleasant evening.

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