1. Relax at Yaxkin Spa at Hacienda Chichén, some of their massages are done with water from a cenote!

2. During Hanal Pixán make sure to visit Hoctún, only 47 km from Mérida, and visit the cemetery, totally unique and colorful.

3. Remember that on October 18 the celebration of the Sitilpech Christ begins in Izamal, it is held for two weeks.

4. Wander around the fascinating archaeological site of Mayapán, do you think it’s similar to any other site that you’ve visited before?

5. What about a day surrounded by nature, with delicious gastronomy, a cenote and more? Go to Cenote San Ignacio, only 20 minutes from Mérida.

6. An experience that you can’t miss in Mérida Centro is a visit to a cantina, some of them are more than 100 years old.

7. Be part of the “Festival de las Ánimas,” taking place at Mérida Centro from October 23 to 30!

8. If you want to have some amazing seafood and spend the day at an authentic beach town, go to Chelem, and can even have a tour of the Ría.

9. Get to know the fantastic Hacienda Yaxcopoil, you’ll feel that you’ve gone back in time to another era.

10. On your trip to Valladolid, don’t miss the ex convent San Bernardino de Siena. You’ll love it!

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