Mint & Lime. Just saying the name makes me feel cool and relaxed. I decided to visit the contemporary home store that’s making waves in Mexican interior design.

Entering the store, I could see that the concept behind Mint & Lime is very much about showcasing México and Mexican design, but in a modern and understated way. Mint & Lime isn’t Mexican themed, it’s a Mexican brand that is rightly proud of its origins. You won’t find stereotyped sombreros or donkeys here.

The influence is far more subtle and elegant than that. It might be seen in a pillowcase decorated with hummingbirds meant to recall a poem from Chiapas, in a traditional Puebla pot or Mérida church door on this season’s cushions, or through a gentle nod to México City in the color of the bedding: a light purple reminiscent of the city’s jacaranda trees, or an electric blue that is so popular in the city as a house color (channeling our inner Frida Kahlo’s here?).

The store exudes tradition, contemporary, natural fibers, and ‘bienestar,’ or ‘wellbeing/wellness’. A feeling of bienestar did, indeed, envelop me as I considered the items on display. I could see how tradition meets modernity, how simple, plain colors can be jazzed up with the addition of a throw or a cool cushion.

I wanted to touch everything! The materials are of a high quality and call out to be stroked. Handily, no one minds if you walk around touching the items on display! There’s no polyester here, only natural fibers.

While the shop primarily focuses on bedding and cushions, there’s still a great range of dining and kitchen goods. I surprised myself by coveting tea-towels, placemats, and coasters (Mint & Lime, what have you done to me?). Because everything in the store is meant to recall México, the smaller items would also make great gifts or souvenirs for visitors to take home with them.

Without shame, I fell in love with the hummingbird pillowcase. For me it summed up Mint & Lime: tradition? Check. Elegance? Check. Contemporary? Check. Mexican? Check. Sensuous? Check. I’ll be back for that little beauty.

Mint & Lime
Av. 49 Cámara de Comercio x Glorieta El Pocito
Col. San Ramón Norte
Tel. (999) 948 9662
FB: Mint & Lime


Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Photography by Cassie Pearse for use in Yucatán Today


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