There’s only one sun. Well, in México’s case we have to mention two more: on the one hand, the famous singer, and on the other hand, the city of Mérida in Yucatán, a source of pride for the country.

Mérida is known as such because of the wonderful light that bathes this wonderful city, also the high standards that Mérida generates in the fields of economy, security, quality of life, tourism, and the arrival of new businesses.

Nobody is surprised about Yucatan headlining the rankings as México’s safest state (the highest score: 72.8% according INEGI) and that possesses one of the best quality of life ratios.

In the tourism field, according Datatur, the arrival of visitors saw an increase of two digits in 2017: up 14.8% compared to 2016. Because of that, more than a dozen luxury hotels are already under construction, which will provide the capital with the status of an undeniable destination for business tourism.

Technology-based companies and startups are choosing Mérida as their operations base. An example of that is the Chilean-American company which choose Yucatán as the starting point for their international expansion. Sinbad is an agency that manages vacation rental properties and distributes them in more than 100 travel sites around the world. The main goal is to take advantage of the real estate boom that’s been taking place in the city to make the investment more profitable for the investors as well as people who have a second household.

In fact, the real estate boom is a supercharged engine. In 2018 more than 60 residential zones with 39,000 homes will be opening and 100 more are expected to do the same next year. Not to mention the new high-rise developments which will attract even more investors in the capital.

Even with all the data, Mérida is like the human brain myth: it doesn’t use its full capacity. Tourism has a huge potential to keep growing, as well as attracting innovative companies in order to create new knowledge-based industries; not to mention the medical tourism that could take leadership in America.

Without a doubt, Mérida’s future is a task that concerns us all. Together we will make sure it keeps shining brighter than ever.

Sinbad Travel is an advertiser  in Yucatán Today.

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