joanna-rosadoIn 2007, long-time Mérida resident Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado  self-published her first travel-memoir called Tomando Agua de PozoA Neophyte’s Guide to Yucatan. It was an immediate success, and rather than simply re-print, she decided to re-write, adding,  revising or removing material. Publishing company Editorial Mazatlán ( liked the idea of the re-write…and this time they will be publishing her new book Magic Made in Mexico.

The new book is quite different from the first one. It touches on more of Mexico’s customs, foods, and history. There is about 60% new content, so even those who have a copy of Tomando Agua de Pozo will get a lot of useful information from Magic Made in Mexico. “It is also more introspective,” confides Joanna. “But just like my first book, it is both intimate and honest.” These qualities, along with its vivid descriptions of the country and its nuances, are what made the first book so popular, not only with those who have moved or would consider moving here, but for those who are just visiting and wonder what it would be like. The book consists of three main sections: Joanna’s story; the alphabet (“A” is for “Attitude”, “H” is for “Heat”, etc.); and the history of Mexico, Yucatán, and Mérida. It also features a condensed account of how Joanna and her husband started their successful tourism and language college here. To further increase your enjoyment and knowledge, Joanna also includes a suggested reading list.

Joanna’s story begins with her arrival in Mérida as a young Canadian tourism representative, escorting a group of travel agents on a visit here in 1976. The tour guide who met her group was the man she instantly fell in love with—and viceversa—and eventually married. The social and cultural adjustments that came with this move provide much of her story; although Joanna will always be connected to her Canadian family, she has a whole new family here and feels enriched by that. “I think family is Mexico’s most valuable resource,” she explains. Reader Barbara Bode says, “…it is a love story that won’t make men wince.” C.M. Mayo says, “…Magic Made in Mexico is an open-hearted memoir of a Canadian traveler swept off her feet by a Mexican caballero. It is also a portrait of the people of Mérida and the Yucatán, a chronicle of the dizzying changes and crises of the past few decades, and a bouquet of wise advice.”

In Joanna’s words: “For me, moving to Mexico was like waking up from a long sleep. Such a change…at any age…is a very good thing!”

Magic Made in Mexico was released on December 4, 2010 and is available here:

US: $17.95 USD
Canada: $19.95 CAD
Mexico: $275.00 MXN
eBook: $9.99 USD


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