Lux Perpetua Fachada

Lux Perpetua began as a project by a group of young entrepreneurs, art and culture enthusiasts, interested in placing their grain of sand in the strengthening of the creative sector of the local economy, with a focus on the production and distribution of the visual arts heritage.  They are convinced of the power of art as the force which gives us identity and understanding; security and answers to our volatile and changing reality.

“Our community needs a strong art market, sustainable and independent. For this we need to professionalize the work of everyone involved in the administration of resources dedicated to art and culture: in the diffusion, critique, education of the public, and the creative process.”

The opportunities that they glimpse in the near future are enormous; therefore they have shaped this project from three angles: the gallery, the engraving workshop, and the program of artistic residences.


The Lux Perpetua setting is a grand house dating from the 1940s, remodeled in an Art Decó style, a perfect wrapping for the aesthetic and high quality content that is sheltered inside.

“We want the gallery to be a multi-functional space where people can enjoy visual and audiovisual works, research something in a book, or hear a lecture. Our objective is that the 200 square meters of exhibition space (2150 square feet) can be utilized for workshops, seminars, conferences, and artistic installations, complemented by a library and café to achieve an integral environment.”

For those who are interested in the acquisition of works of art, professional services are available to accompany you during the process of selection and purchase of one of the pieces that make up their portfolio.

Engraving workshop

“By means of the engraving workshop, we invite the artists who collaborate with us to produce their art in our city of Mérida, Yucatán.” As well, they want to make the workshop available in the formation of local artists, offering courses given by resident artists; allowing them to explore different creative techniques as well as develop an exchange of ideas among them. This formula strengthens the city as a professional and inclusive space for artistic creation.

Artistic residences

“We will establish a program of artistic residences that allows the development of their own projects or those of the gallery; promoting communication, collaboration, and continuous learning.”

Luz Perpetua invites creators, cultural managers, and the general community to join their project, forming a network of collaboration supporting the construction of a joint vision.

“In life all we can do is risk the things that are worthwhile.”

Calle 20 No. 87E x 15, Col. Itzimná
Tel. 999 688 6750
Facebook: Lux Perpetua Art Centre


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