23 March, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Museo Fernando García Ponce - MACAY
Calle 60 No. 502 B Altos por 61 A y 63 Ex Ateneo Peninsular Col. Centro Merida
Yuc 97000
Museo Fernando García Ponce - MACAY
999 928 3191

The State Center for Fine Arts, the Macay Cultural Foundation A.C. and the Fernando García Ponce-MACAY Museum, through its monthly Punto de Encuentro program, present:

“Twelve and one, thirteen”
by Juan Garcia Ponce

With the performances of Juan José Chacón, Maricruz May and Emilio Cetina.
Under the direction of Yulliana Vargas Manzanero.

Friday, March 23, 7:00 p.m.
Room 14

Fernando García Ponce-Macay Museum
Passage of the Revolution between 58 and 60. Mérida, Yucatán.
Free admission I Over 15 years


Commemorating the World Theater Day (March 27), the Theater Experimental Group of the State Center of Fine Arts will present at Punto de Encuentro the staging “Twelve and one, thirteen” by Juan García Ponce; with Juan José Chacón, Maricruz May and Emilio Cetina in the leading roles, under the direction of Yulliana Vargas Manzanero.

García Ponce, in “Twelve and one, thirteen” can be seen not only the change of theme but the configuration of the text itself in terms of its general structure and dialogues between the characters. The writer Juan Vicente Melo pointed out that in this farce, in which we can identify the influence of the theater of the absurd, the dramatic procedures used by García Ponce in his previous works are questioned. A different proposal with respect to the first ones plays by Juan

The play begins when Sylvia receives at her home her ex-boyfriend, Jorge, with whom she engages in a dialogue that at times makes them think that the two of them are brothers and, therefore, live an incestuous relationship. During this meeting, Sylvia tells Jorge how much she misses him and how unhappy his marriage with Eduardo has been.

When Jorge asks if she would be willing to leave everything to live with him, she answers affirmatively and asks for a few minutes to prepare the suitcases, which is why she leaves the scene. That’s when someone rings the bell and Sylvia’s voice is heard asking Jorge to open the door …

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