Music is the protagonist of many stories, especially if we are talking about Yucatecan “trova,” that particular style from this region performed mainly with guitar and “requinto” guitar. Los Juglares is an iconic group that fills its listeners with joy. Beautiful voices, lots of charisma, the sound of strings, and the most romantic melodies, are some of the elements that characterize this Yucatecan group with more than 20 years of artistic history.

José Marrufo, musical director, second voice, and first guitar of the group; Fernando Vadillo, general director, “requinto,” and fourth voice; José Vadillo, first voice and bass player; and César Marrufo, third voice and guitar, are the current members of “Los Juglares,” making this very Yucatecan musical experience possible. Their origin started with the fusion of the trio “Los Ángeles” made up by the siblings César and José Marrufo, and “Los Juglares” made up by the siblings Fernando and José Vadillo.

Listening to them when they perform in private concerts or when they are part of the “Serenata” nights at Santa Lucía park is delightful. Their particular way of interpreting Yucatecan “trova,” Cuban music, rock and roll, and Mexican “ranchera” music, shows them as versatile performers, charismatic and fun, always interacting with the public and keeping everyone engaged.

Their perseverance and affection for Yucatecan songs, as well as their virtuosity and quality, have taken them to success on national and international stages, representing México in Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, Malaysia and the US, singing classic songs by such well-known composers as Luis Demetrio, Manuel Rivas, and more.

They have also worked with famous “trova” artists such as Pastor Cervera, Carlos Pereira, Estella Pompeyo, Sergio Esquivel and Armando Manzanero, who they accompanied for five years at all of his shows in México and other countries. They have also had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Carlos Cuevas, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Gualberto Castro, Tania Libertad, Eugenia León, and more.

Thanks to their great versatility and musical charisma, they enjoy great popularity with the Yucatecan public, and success at all of their performances. They also have the ability of bringing Yucatecan “trova” songs closer to new generations, along with other traditional rhythms such as the bambuco, the clef, and the Yucatecan bolero, not only as part of their varied repertoire, but also in their special concerts where you can experience a musical tour of Yucatán.

When you hear Los Juglares sing “A Yucatán,” iconic song dedicated to this land, it can really move you, because they express their love of music and of Yucatecan songs. A very Yucatecan experience that you can’t miss!

By Violeta H. Cantarell

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