If you’re a classical music fan, clear out your schedule on February 22 or 25 to attend performances by the Matteo Goffriller Italian Symphony Orchestra. These performances are part of an artistic exchange project called Naciones en Armonía (Nations in Harmony), intercambio artístico y cultural 2020. There will be two different programs: “Clásica del Mundo” on the 22nd, and “Clásica Italiana” on the 25th.

Clásica del Mundo will feature compositions by renowned artists from different countries, including the “Unfinished Symphony” by Franz Schubert, “An American in Paris” by George Gershwin, and traditional works from Roberto Abraham Mafud, Gabriel Chan Sabido, and other Yucatecan composers. Clásica Italiana is, of course, dedicated to Italian composers and artists. It will feature the “Norma” overture by Vinzenzo Bellini, and works by Antonio Vivaldi, Pietro Mascagni, and Nino Rota. Roberto Abraham Mafud will make another appearance, and he will play with Cesáreo Chan Blanco.

In 2006, Austro-Italian instructor Stephen Alexander Lloyd founded this 50-person orchestra in Bressanone in the Italian province of Bolzano, birthplace of famous luthier Matteo Goffriller (from where it gets its name). In true Goffriller fashion, the orchestra is renowned for its distinctive high quality, unique, and clean interpretive style that embodies perfectly the original whimsicality of the composer.

What makes this concert so special is that it is part of a project that fosters cultural exchange by welcoming the merging of Italian and Yucatecan talent. This union, which is only made possible through cooperation and teamwork, gives birth to a new and unique experience that blends art and culture in perfect harmony, thus accomplishing the mission of Naciones en Armonía.

This event is organized by Kunst & Music Yucatán A.C., led by its president, José Luís Chan Sabido and the Patronato para la Preservación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de Mérida, Yucatán A. C, with the assistance of its president, C.P. Enrique Ancona Teigell. Since 2003, this civil association has had a vocation for service, discipline, perseverance and tenacity for promoting cultural projects, which include music, theatre, dance, literature, and visual arts.

Music unites us, and it’s just that what this event wants to transmit to the audience. What better way to spend an evening than letting yourself be transported by the beauty of this amazing music while supporting Yucatecan talent?



Editorial by Madison García

General Info

Saturday, February 22 and February 25, 8 pm
Teatro José Peón Contreras

Ticket Prices:
Luneta, Plate, and First Level: $650 pesos
Second Level: $550 pesos
Third Level: $450 pesos
Gallery (no visibility): $200 pesos
FB: Naciones en Armonía, intercambio artístico y cultural 2020
Kunst & Music Yucatán A.C.

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