Between October 31 and November 2, Yucatán celebrates Hanal Pixán. Get everything ready and prepare your own altar to enjoy this tradition at home.


Migratory birds start visiting Yucatán in October and bird watching season begins! Hundreds of species from all over the continent come to winter in our state.


 Throughout the month, our local markets are the best place to see the altar preparations up close. But there are plenty of reasons to shop there year-round. We offer a brief piece on page 5 that covers just some of many.


 Travel to El Cuyo for that dose of peace and quiet. It is one of the last beaches before you reach Quintana Roo and is well known for having beautiful sunsets.



Try this season’s traditional dish: Mucbilpollo, or Pib. It is essentially a giant Tamal which is baked in an underground oven to give it an unbelievable smoky taste.


 October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Greta spoke to three specialists of El Faro del Mayab Hospital who tell us all about how to take care of ourselves and watch out for this disease. Read more on page 17.


The Maya believed that cenotes and caves were passages to the underworld. Connect with this ancient belief and swim in one of the many cenotes of Yucatán. On page 7, Cassie outlines three-day trips to fuel your need for adventure and culture.


 Looking for a special place for a getaway or staycation? Villa Octavia in Santa Ana is a charming five-room hotel where you won’t feel crowded or cramped.


Discover the site of Ek Balam. It has multiple representations of life and death including an Earth Monster – considered an entrance to the underworld.


We all know about Pib, but if you want to try something different with strong fall vibes, go to Cartas a Frida. They have a Pan de Muerto burger that will surely make you feel very much alive.

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