Let’s do something active after indulging in perhaps a little too much Pib at the beginning of the month. There’s no better way to stretch your legs than trekking the archaeological sites of the state. Try vast Chichén Itzá, or head to Mayapán where you can climb the pyramids and get on that pre-Columbian StairMaster.



On November 20 we commemorate the Mexican Revolution and there are usually all kinds of great sales during the weekend known as Buen Fin – think Black Friday. Many local shops participate, so it’s time to start your holiday shopping.



Have you been washing and re-wearing the same masks since March? Time to level up. SoHo Galleries has released a gorgeous collection aptly called Maskerpieces! Featuring the work of local artists and handmade right here in Yucatán.



Mondays are known as “Lunes de Frijol con Puerco” because this regional dish is everyone’s favorite way to start the week. Chunks of pork are stewed until tender with black beans and Epazote, and are then served with rice, chopped onions, fresh coriander, radishes, and a squeeze of lime. Pass the tortillas.



Flamingos are very active during November because it’s their mating season. Watch them pink and perfectly poised or mid-flight in Celestún during this month. Just remember, flamingos need social distancing as well, coming too close disrupts their busy feeding and flirting schedule.



Are you trying to find a way to slowly and safely take your family out again? Cassie provides a great idea for a family outing in nature right here.



The water level in our state’s cenotes is a little higher than usual due to strong rains, but you can still go swimming! Try the cenotes in Homún and help local co-ops get back on their feet.



Museo Fernando García Ponce -MACAY- reopened last month, so you can experience the best in contemporary art once again.



Elegant surroundings and world-class service is what you can expect from a stay at Hacienda Petac. They open to only one group at a time, so it’s the perfect place to plan a getaway with family during social-distancing times.



In the first days of December, you can usually see the Antorchistas cycling and running along the highways of the state. This pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe culminates on December 12. It’s one of the most important religious celebrations in the country.




Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Yucatán Today



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