Why not take part in some backyard bird-watching? The peninsula is home to over 500 different bird species, although these will vary depending on where you are. Be sure to leave some water out for them. They too get very hot!


Are you missing your favorite Yucatecan dishes? Now is the perfect time to recreate them in your own home and learn how to make them. Start with Empanadas or Huevos Motuleños. We share step-by-step videos and recipes on our Facebook and Instagram.


Don’t let confinement stop you from enjoying ice cream during this heat. Chances are your favorite shop is delivering and has a sweet deal going on! We just ordered from Domo Gelato


Added time at home might be the perfect time to learn a new skill or language. Why not give Maya a go? Check out the AyuntaMÉRIDA Facebook page for additional information.


This heat is perfect pool weather, but if you don’t have one, playing with the hose can be equally entertaining and refreshing! Join the kids on this one.


Bombas are brief rhymes that are commonly recited during regional theater and dance. Learn one, or take your hand at writing your own.


Sick of your usual playlist? Discover some local talent on Spotify. We love Pargo, Acid Waves, and Moon Jungle.


Tomar el fresco” or sitting outside during balmy evenings is a Yucatecan hobby as old as time itself. Drag a rocking chair out onto your porch, terrace, or balcony and chat with your family or Zoom your friends.


Culture and the arts are doing their very best to stay alive during this time of social distancing, and online events have sprung up. Express your support by looking up one that interests you on the Sedeculta Facebook page.


Some of our trees are in bloom at this time of year. You can likely spot a Flor de Mayo, Lluvia de Oro, or Flamboyán from your window. These majestic trees are not only beautiful to look at but also assist in cooling the temperature (believe it or not).

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