Discover why, in Yucatán, we never have the Monday blues. Visit MUGY on the first day of the week to try Frijol con Puerco, a dish which is traditionally served on this day on tables across the state.


Enjoy the last bit of beach season and visit the Emerald Coast. Go in the morning to explore the estuaries, eat fried fish, and take a dip in the ocean. Finish by marveling at a Yucatecan sunset. Perfection.


August is back to school time for many students across the country which means archaeological sites will be less crowded. Take advantage of this and visit spectacular Uxmal! On page 7 of our magazine, we share a full route to make your day trip complete.


If you’re craving something sweet in the afternoon, stop by Ki’Xocolatl for a refreshing chocolate frappe. Afterwards, walk under the trees of Parque de Santa Lucía and take a photo sitting on the giant “Confidente chairs.”


Yucatecan handcrafts are known for being practical and colorful. What better example of this than a hammock? Enjoy this clean, cool alternative to a bed and if you can get comfy, take one home as a souvenir. Find one at Casa de las Artesanías.


If you’re travelling with little ones, swing by Parque de las Américas to play in the playground and the Concha Acústica. On page 5 of our magazine, Claudia takes you out for the afternoon to this popular park.


Looking to get out of town and do something different? Visit Maní. You’ll find the magnificent and meaningful Convento de San Miguel Arcángel, a pretty downtown area perfect to walk around in, and delicious Yucatecan food.


The state’s nature and wildlife is at its peak because of the heavy rains. Walk around iconic Hacienda Misné to enjoy lush gardens and endemic birds during this time.


Visit the Nah Yah cenote close to Pixyáh to cool off for as long as you like. Remember to bring a bag, so that you can take your trash with you, and everyone can continue to enjoy this crystal clear paradise for years to come.


If you want to tour Paseo de Montejo in a different way, don’t miss the Biciruta every Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm. We recommend going early to enjoy the cooler weather. Afterwards, have breakfast at one of the nearby restaurants.

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