October is a very special month for Yucatán: the fall harvest is celebrated with plenty of festivities, as well as the arrival of over 200 species of migratory birds coming to enjoy the warmth of our state over the winter. Admire them from afar!



El Cuyo2

And if you like birdwatching, you’re going to love the awaited Xoc Ch’ich marathon in El Cuyo. You’ll have 29 hours to find as many birds as possible. Spaces are limited! Find out more on FB: Festival de las Aves TOH




The Feria del Panucho is upon us! You’ll be surprised by the variety of ingredients in the different presentations of this regional dish; what’s your favorite combination? Find out at Parque de la Ermita this Friday, October 21, at 6 pm.



Daylight Savings Time is coming to a close in Yucatán (and most of México). Get ready to “fall back” on Saturday, October 29, so you’ll be ready for your plans and adventures on Sunday the 30th.


Pib - Mucbilpollo5

The Feria del Mucbilpollo (or Pib) is your chance to try this delicious dish, an October staple in our region. Don’t miss out: it’s Sunday, October 30 in San Sebastián park.




Don’t forget to check out some Janal Pixan altars! Take your time around Yucatán and catch a glimpse of tradition between October 31 and November 2; Xocén and Tabi are just two examples of what you’ll see.



This is also a great time to do a Cemetery Tour! Co’ox Mayab can take you to places like Ek Balam or Tekit, where visitors can join in the celebrations. Contact them before they sell out! FB: Co’ox Mayab




After a two-year hiatus, Paseo de las Ánimas is back! The parade goes from the General Cemetery to Arco de San Juan. You’ll see people of all ages dressed up as skeletons, food stands, dancing, and more. Don’t miss out!




And if you’d like to continue exploring, the 2022 Janal Pixan Festival in San Pedro Chimay awaits. Marvel at the Jarana and the Pok Ta Pok performances on November 2 at 7 pm.



Another triumphant return: the Xmatkuil state fair! For two weeks in November you can experience a fair, Yucatán-style, with music, shows, rides, and lots of food. Have a great time with family or friends!




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